Workshop Proceedings

Please find below the list of workshop proceedings. The materials are strictly for learning/instructional purpose. You may take consent from the resource persons before citing the materials. If you face difficulty accessing the materials, please write to <>.


  • Lectures by Esha Shah
  1. The ‘object’ in Science & Technology: To listen, click here
  2. The ‘subject’ in Science & Technology: To listen, click here
  3. History of the Gene: Models & Reductionism: To listen, click here


  • Lectures by Sasheej Hegde
  1. Bridging Models of Inquiry I: To listen, click here
  2. Bridging Models of Inquiry II: To listen, click here


  • Articles by Sasheej Hegde
  1. Responding to the Life Sciences: Genome Research and Beyond: Link here
  2. Bridging Models of Inquiry: The Scholastic and the Reflexive: Link here
  3. Bridging Divides? Sounding a Limit: Link here



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