Workshop Schedule

Venue: Research Promotion Cell (RPC),  across the NITS cafe.
§ §  In order to reduce carbon footprint, there won’t be print-outs of the schedule at the venue. We’ll not supply bottled water either. We’ll have water though and appreciate if you carry your recyclable/reusable water bottle.

DAY 1: 18 May

10:20-10:30: Registration

10:30-10:50: Inaugural Session

11:00-12:30: The ‘Object’ in Science & Technology / Esha Shah
14:30-16:00: Challenge of the Life Sciences: Genome Research / Sasheej Hegde
16:15-17:30: History of the Gene: Models & Reductionism / Esha Shah

DAY 2: 19 May

: The ‘Subject’ in Science & Technology / Esha Shah
11:30-12:30: Bridging Models of Inquiry I / Sasheej Hegde
14:15-15:45: Participant Speakers:
Priyanka Dass Saharia | Is Hiroshima only a Technical Answer to a technical Question?
T. A. Subramanya P. | Scientia not Consilience: Disciplines as Wittgenstein’s Games
Anshul Bajpai | Importance fo Interdisciplinary Study in Modern Educational System
16:00-17:30: Bridging Models of Inquiry II/ Sasheej Hegde
17:30 onwards: High Tea

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