Meet the Resource Persons…

IMG_0843Esha Shah is an engineer by training and anthropologist and historian by choice and self-learning. Since her doctorate from the Wageningen University in the Netherlands, she has been working on science and technology-led development in India on the interface of modernity and democracy. Since then, she has held research and teaching positions at the ISEC in Bangalore, the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) at University of Sussex, UK, and the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences in Maastricht University, the Netherlands. At the IDS and at the Maastricht University she has taught MA courses on STS (science and technology studies) and globalization and development. Currently, she is developing research interests on the way in which subjectivity (including emotions and affects) shape rationality and normativity, including the objectivity in scientific knowledge. She has recently completed a two years book-writing fellowship (2013 and 2015) with the Indian Institute of Advanced Study in Shimla where she worked on a monograph that re-interprets the history of reductionism in genetic science over the twentieth-century as an affective/emotive history.

She can be contacted at <esha.shah[at]>












Sasheej Hegde
teaches sociology at the University of Hyderabad.  His research and teaching has concerned a subject area intermediate between ‘philosophy’, social and political theory, and culture critique: the question, specifically, of the enabling histories with which one works and the conceptual basis of human inquiry and socio-political activism. More directly, his work has implicated three domains of inquiry: the Structure and Dynamics of Disciplines; the Interpretation of Modernity; and Research on Normative Political Languages.  He has published fairly extensively in each of these spheres, while invariably retaining a reflective focus and incorporating many epistemological questions and socio-historical settings.  His current work actively negotiates the design of inquiry across disciplinary domains, while also opening up to new questions of law/ethics and constitutional jurisprudence.  He remains as passionate as ever about anagrammatic writing.

He can be contacted at <sasheej[at]>









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